solution is a generative AI platform that helps product marketers create personalised content at scale in minutes for their ecommerce listings, social media ads and other marketing activities.

1. 10x customized content

  • Images for ecommerce products in various settings
  • Social media posts for products tailored by channel

2. At 50% your monthly costs
3. Delivered in a fraction of the time

How do we do this?

We have built state of the art proprietary AI models for various product, channel and analytics use cases to deliver effective, custom content at scale.

Our Team

We are a bunch of passionate alums of Stanford University with backgrounds across marketing, content, AI, ML, product and growth.

We have worked at leading global organizations like Time Warner, Facebook, Zynga, DARPA and run start-ups in the ML, social data, content and CRM space.

We are entrepreneurial and focused, tackling problems head-on and helping solve teething problems for our customers.

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