If you’re a small business owner selling furniture products online, you know that great product images are essential to attract and engage customers. But creating compelling lifestyle photos can be a challenge.



That’s where breeze.ai comes in – it’s an online platform that can turn simple product photos into vibrant, engaging product lifestyle images.


In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use breeze.ai to create great product lifestyle images for furniture products.



Step 1: Upload your product photo and adjust it


The first step is to upload your product photo. This should be a simple photo of your furniture product on a plain background. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, breeze.ai will automatically analyze it, and remove the backgrounds to highlight the product that you can use to create your lifestyle image.


You can also adjust the position, size, and angle of your product by clicking on the product image after the background is removed.



Step 2: Choose your theme


The next step is to choose the environment for your lifestyle image. breeze.ai provides a range of environment themes to choose :


  • Style (eg: minimalistic),
  • Time periods (eg: mid-century modern),
  • Outdoor & nature (eg: tropical)
  • Urban (eg: Neon)
  • Luxury (eg: Minimalistic Luz)
  • Sports & Travel: (eg: sports)
  • Living spaces: (eg: cosy home)
  • Artistic (eg: abstract)
  • Seasonal (eg: Autumn Warmth)
  • Experimental (eg: Boken)




This will determine the overall look and feel of the image created. For furniture products, “cosy home” or “Scandinavian”, “luxury”, “mid-century modern”, “spring fresh” are great theme options.


Once you’ve chosen your theme, click on the Generate button and breeze.ai will generate a realistic scene with your product in it.



Step 3: Choose your images and share them


The final step is to choose the images you like from the 4 options provided by breeze.ai. You can easily post them on social media by click on the Social Media icons on the right. You can download the image to your computer. All images created are automatically saved on our servers. You can access them easily from the My Library page.




By following these steps and using Breeze.ai‘s prompts, you can create great product lifestyle images for your furniture products that will help attract and engage customers.


breeze.ai is free to try. Give it a whirl and see the difference it can make for your business!

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