If you want to generate high quality AI images for the product placements, go beyond Instant themes and use the Custom prompt feature. How do you do this?

1. Pick product photos where your product looks three-dimensional with a little of the top or side of the product. If your product looks flat, it will most likely not be standing in the AI generated images (because AI would assume your product is laid flat on the surface).
2. Choose good quality product photos with sufficient lighting. You want to have light shining on your product. Not too dim or bright. Adjust the brightness and exposure with most photo-editing tools or even your phone.
3. Describe the image – here are two tips for how to describe the image for a product placement
(a) First, describe the position of the product: such as “standing on a table”, “in the middle of mountains”, or “on a rock”
(b) Two, describe additional items you want in the generated images, separated by commas, such as “waterfall, “sunlight”, or “mountains in background”.


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