AI is changing ecommerce product photography

Professional photoshoots for your products can be expensive. They can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Secondly, it can take time to set up the photoshoot, get a professional phographer, etc.

Finally, you can spend a lot of time taking photos of your products in different settings. After all, don’t we need multiple lifestyle images for our products?

At Breeze, we are building a platform to empower you to generate product images and text details more efficiently and creatively with AI. These can be used for social media ads or ecommerce product listings. With a single product image, you can create innumerable images.

Here are the steps to generating them on Breeze.

1. Upload a photo of your product into Breeze. will automatically remove any existing background. Here is an example of uploading a Chanel perfume.

2. Reposition your product: Most product images have the product right in the middle. But if you want to move the product to a side then just click on the product in the canvas and move it

3. Resize by Generative AI “extending” the image easily in seconds. This is useful for different social media and ecommerce formats: For example, these different  images sizes were generated from a single image of the wine bottle on the left.

4. Pick an Instant theme and generate: Writing custom prompts may be difficult for some folks. We created 20+ Instant themes for different products and settings, so you don’t have to think about how to describe the images you want. Just pick one, and hit “Generate”! And will generate 4 images for you.

If you want a custom background you can use your own decsriptions and generate any background you want.

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